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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Beginning of the Break-Up Bucket List

Recently I went through a really bad break-up. I shouldn’t say went through, more like going through as dealing with it has seemed devastating. To give a little back ground, me and my ex (who I will refer to as DB, not the initials of his name but of what words I want to call him but I am censoring myself) dated for almost two years. During this time DB made promises of our future and marriage, things I never thought I wanted but he quickly changed my mind. So things were going great or so I thought with him and then one night it all changed. DB decided to tell me he couldn’t handle a girlfriend and school, via AIM. Yes that is right, the way you break-up with a junior high boyfriend or girlfriend, which actually happened to my best friend when we were 16. At 26 years old I was shocked. I spent the next few days in a vast black hole of self-pity. I talked to people who told me all those things you say but never want to hear. “You will move on” or “Now you can do whatever you want.” What I wanted was to lash out and just stay in bed for days. As I lied there reflecting on everything that went wrong I had an epiphany.
If I was truly happy with myself, I wouldn’t be feeling as if my world was over. So out of the fiery ashes of my relationship was born “the break-up bucket list”.
The ‘break-up bucket list’ could be defined as all the things I wanted to do while in a relationship but never got to do or things I want to do on my own before I make that kind of commitment again. I am going to spend time to work and focus on me and figure out what will bring me happiness. This bucket list isn’t going to be all crazy big things but a combination of those little things we always wanted to do but just never “find the time” and a few of those big things that make memorable experiences. So here it goes, where I start living life to the fullest and not missing out on all those things I want to do. Some of the big things I want to do are finally get my health under control, travel to Europe again and run a 5K. Some of the little things I want to do include going to a golf range, learn to kayak and go to a rifle range. These are just of the few things I want to do and each thing I accomplish and do I will write about it. 
If anyone of you want to help me achieve something on my list please let me know. If there is anything you think I should do tell me and finally if there is something YOU always wanted to do and want a partner ask me. I want to experience all life has to offer and now is the time so I hope I get tons of support from my friends and let’s get start living!


  1. Liz your awesome and I am so excited for you!! you got this! I have always wanted to run a 5k and I have no idea what is holding me back?? I've been a healthy living blogger for almost 2 years and every time I want to run I get held back by myself. I think has to do with a self confidence issue. I'll be following your journey! : )

  2. I definitely hope this process helps me find confidence within myself. I have been lacking that the last few years.