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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy Healthy Eating

So one of my goals on my 27 before 28 list was to cook new meals once a week. I have been doing it but have not been posting them so I decided that I will start posting the new meals. This week was a simple meal that I made up last minute. I read a lot of recipes about making your own chicken nuggets or tenders so I decided to have a go at it.

I went to Save-a-lot and bought four boneless skinless chicken strips. These were $2.11 which is a deal. When you are single and only cooking for yourself you definitely want to shop where you don’t have to get everything in bulk or large amounts.

I made a mixture of Panko breadcrumbs and just a little bit of grated parmesan cheese. I dredged the chicken in one beaten egg and then through the mixture.  Put on a baking sheet and baked with a side of sweet potatoes drizzled in honey.  I paired the two with a side salad which took up most of the plate.  The dinner was pretty good and way healthier than those fast food chicken fingers that are deep fried.  

I would like to start a group that meets like once a week and shares a healthy recipe or maybe once every two weeks.  My friend Clarissa and I talk about doing this all the time but never ever do it. So if you read my blog and you want to have a healthy dinner with me send me a message and we can have a date.  It could just be a one-time thing or something we do regularly but I thought it is definitely a way to find new ideas for healthy food.

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