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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shrimp Tacos

This week’s meal was a steal from The Pioneer Woman’s blog. I really enjoy her recipes because she keeps it really simple or at least to me it is simple. A lot of time I’ll want to make something that I cannot find all the ingredients for.  

So this week’s new dish was Shrimp Tacos. They were overall simple fast, healthy and really tasty.
Here is a link to her recipe.  
The only I left out was the pico de gallo because I wasn't in the mood to make fresh and didn't like the looks of it at our local grocery store. I used frozen shrimp too but it seemed to turn out okay although I would have liked to use fresh shrimp. I also substituted the corn tortillas for whole wheat tortillas with a "fiesta" flavoring and I really enjoyed those. Everything else was what she used, I even found the same brand of tomato sauce which is rare in the these parts.

I would definitely recommend this recipe if you are looking to spice up taco night. Below is my version of the shrimp taco.

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