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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At a Loss

Part of my blog is not only doing things I have never done before but also meeting my long term goals. One of my long term goals is to lose weight and become a healthier person all around.
About a month before DB and I broke up, he and I joined Weight Watchers online. They have an awesome app for your phone or Ipod and it makes tracking your food easy to do.  I tried Weight Watchers once before while in college but it was hard with buffet lines and junk food being everywhere I looked. So this time we were going to get serious. Now mind you, DB always told me, he and I were going to get healthier but when he came down he was always too tired to walk or go to the gym. Then we would eat out all the time and it is hard to say no something bad when the person across from you has it.  Now I am not blaming DB but he definitely did not help.
The week after our break-up I barely ate. I couldn’t keep anything down; everything just looked and tasted awful. Finally I started to get an appetite back and decided to really get serious about losing weight. I was already having success with the program but knew I could step it up a little. So I ate more organically, counting points and made a point to get my veggies in. I cut out so much red meat also.
After a month or so I lost about 15 pounds then I got stuck on a plateau. I was already going to Zumba twice a week then I realized I barely tracked my points on weekends. So I got more determined on my goal, ate better, added biking and hiking to my workout regiment and finally a few more pounds fell off.
The other day I went to my doctor and since my last appointment I had lost 20 pounds! I was ecstatic. I know this is a small loss on the big scale of weight I would like to lose but I am proving to myself I can do it. Usually I lose some weight then gain it all back but I feel like something is different this time. I really hope the weight continues to leave my body and I hope that I become happier with myself.
I guess secretly or not so secretly I hope I can rub it in his face too. I know how immature I sound but hey, we all need one of those “this is what you lost moments.”  I know it will be a year or two before I reach that goal though and by then I won’t even care what he thinks about me. Hopefully by that point I only care about what I think of myself.

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