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Monday, August 8, 2011

A Wisconsin Wedding

One of my major things on my bucket lists was to travel more. So when my friend Connie asked me to be in her wedding in Wisconsin I could not say no. (I also couldn’t say no to one of my best friends since college). I rode out with fellow bridesmaid Gina and her two friends, Danny and Jess. The ride out wasn’t so bad, I drove out to Cleveland where we stayed with their friend Mike and his girlfriend.  That morning I was so nervous to be staying with people that I didn’t know but it turned out great. I knew Gina but everyone else was new to me. They all made sure to make me feel included and were really nice.
We finally made it to Wisconsin, where we celebrated with Connie and Jason at their bachelorette/bachelor party. It was a cute little bar with a mix of hipsters and your everyday worker. The night was spent reminiscing the past, plans about the future, meeting some creepers and lots of dancing.  A lot of my time was spent with Jen, Connie’s sister and my friend. It was so good to see her and made me realize I should try to see my Philly friends more often since they are only 4 hours away.
The next few days were filled with wedding details and trying to help Connie finish those last minute bridal things. I didn't get to see much of Madison but I did get to see a few of those places that locals love, like Lazy Janes, which had amazing scones and the nicest cashier.
Finally it was the big day on Saturday and we were all so excited for Connie and Jason. The day was so beautiful, a little hot but that wouldn't stop the fun and dancing. I felt honored that Jason and Connie asked me to be a part of their wedding.
Connie looked beautiful in her dress. Surprisingly I didn’t get as emotional as I thought I would have. Although during the rehearsal dinner I got a little weepy when they placed “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young, as memories of my ex and the song we shared came over me. But the joy in Connie and Jason’s eyes helped me hold back those tears and could only be happy for my friend.

I am not going to lie and say being at a wedding was easy because it definitely had it moments. I would think about the life DB and I said we would share and how things quickly came crashing down. I also watched the couples that had been married for years, months or just dating, thinking that I will never have that again. But that is what this process is about is me making sure I am happy. I shouldn’t think that no one will ever love me again. I should be confident with who I am, I think that attitude holds me back from a lot I want to do and who I want to talk to.  I am finally taking a course of action to create a better self-image and hopefully someday those feelings will subside. The bride and groom also helped me realize that it might not be over for me. Connie and Jason looked so happy and the love could be felt all over Madison. I am so joyful for my friend and her new husband. I know they will share a lifetime of love, happiness and adventures together.

Overall the trip was wonderful. I made new friends, ate at a ‘Triple D’ joint, bought tons of Wisconsin cheese and attended a beautiful wedding.

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