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Monday, March 12, 2012

28 Before 29

I love lists. I make lists when I have housework to do, when I have something to plan, when I go to the grocery store and hell even when I am bored I make lists. I enjoy having a list because it is something tangible to make sure I am getting stuff done.
A popular list I see on the Internet is do “Current age things to do before next age”. Since I turned 27 last week I thought there is no better time for me to start a goal list before I turn 28. That is what this blog is about but I haven't really decided what I am gonna go. So this year I will achieve 27 things before March 5, 2013, as long as the world doesn't end, ;).

So here it is:
  1. Visit Carlos Bakery from Cake Boss
  2. Go to Batting Cages
  3. Sew a Wearable Outfit (whether for me or someone else)
  4. Take Cake Decorating Classes
  5. Reconnect with at least 10 Old Friends
  6. Go on a Tour of the Yuengling Brewery
  7. Learn to Shoot Guns
  8. Go out in State College
  9. Take Hiking More Seriously
  10. Cook One New Meal a Week
  11. Read at Least 9 Books
  12. Dedicate More Time to Blog
  13. Go To a Concert
  14. Make My Own Cupcake Flavor
  15. Go to Broadway Show
  16. Style My Hair More Often
  17. Get a New Tattoo
  18. Bake a Pie (really have never done it)
  19. Go Camping
  20. Start Biking Regularly
  21. See a Movie Alone
  22. Go on an Impromptu Road-trip around Pa
  23. Rebuild My Savings
  24. Print Every Roll of Film in the Box I found from High School
  25. Join a Club or Try a New Activity I Never Done Before
  26. Go to a Drag Show
  27. Be Happy With Me and all my Awesomeness

I was gonna add meet Ryan Gosling to my list but that is more of a dream list so I'll settle for some
Hey, Girl throughout this year.

So most of my list are attainable things, physically where as the last goal is something I really need to work on. I am talking to a therapist right now and she tells me I need to do more positive self talk and push those mean thoughts about myself out of my head.

So here is to another year older and hopefully a little more wiser and happier.